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16 novembre 2012 / Marco Alici

Here I am!

During the last months I had not much time to write on this blog. The main reason is that… I fell in love with 3D printing.

In my job I use rapid prototyping as an important phase of my workflow, relying on professional – and expensive – local laboratories. So I started wondering if there was some project around the web to make additive manufacturing technologies affordable for the masses.
That’s how I met Reprap Project.

Reading their immense wiki I was persuaded that I had to get one of those strange machines. Of course I didn’t want to waste my money, and I wanted something as small as possible for not to occupy too much space in my house.

I decided I wanted a Reprap Huxley, and I bought one from RepRapPro.

I’m going to share this experience in this blog. Stay tuned!

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