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2 aprile 2012 / Marco Alici

Me and the RaspberryPi /6

<< Me and the RaspberryPi /5

I will made the case available on Shapeways in different colours and materials.
Here are some renderings (made using Blender and Yafaray) showing the appearance of the different versions.

And you? 😉

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  1. Randall "Texrat" Arnold / Apr 13 2012 05:00

    Cool, Marco, I hope to design some cases as well! Where did you get the dimensions?

    "Mi piace"

  2. Mike / Apr 5 2012 12:38

    Fantastic case design – easily the most visually appealing that I seen so far.

    I’m torn between the polished white which looks great for when it’s a finished accessory sitting next to a TV, and the transparent which is great for education so that you don’t lose sight of what it is that you are actually playing with.

    Good luck.

    "Mi piace"

  3. John / Apr 3 2012 21:00

    Awesome case. Thank you for your work.

    "Mi piace"

  4. oj / Apr 3 2012 01:21

    I don’t know the difference between the two whites, but I really like the white and black pi cases! Injection molding would be provide such an awesome case at a reasonable price…especially considering shipping costs. Great job!

    "Mi piace"

    • Marco Alici / Apr 4 2012 23:26

      The polished is… polished! 😉
      It’s the same material as “White strong and flexible”, that is matte, but it’s polished to make it glossy.

      "Mi piace"

  5. rcknr / Apr 2 2012 19:37

    Both frosted look great. Red strong also looks corresponding to the name. Do you know what would be estimated price for your case?

    "Mi piace"

    • Marco Alici / Apr 2 2012 21:20

      The cheaper one (White Strong and flexible) plus a lightguide should be about $48-50 (excluded taxes).

      "Mi piace"

      • rcknr / Apr 2 2012 21:40

        Not very grasping price point. Is there any way it might be cheaper? For example, is it possible to print it on a 3D printer?

        "Mi piace"

        • Marco Alici / Apr 2 2012 22:03

          I know that it’s not cheap. It IS the price for 3D printing on Shapeways. Nevertheless it’s a very high quality professional printing, nothing to do with some home-made printing I see all around.

          I’m looking for cheaper (much cheaper!) alternatives (such as injection moulding, that would be THE choice), but nothing has been defined yet.

          "Mi piace"

  6. m0ntala / Apr 2 2012 16:46

    When I first read your post I thought that it was available now, but it looks as if we will have to be patient for a bit longer yet!

    I hope you manage to obtain a ‘production model’ Raspberry Pi computer soon, so that you can finalise your design.

    "Mi piace"


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